National Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Network (NHEPRN) Act as Focal Point for all aspects of healthcare preparedness, response and recovery in disaster situations in which Build effective linkages and coordination with all National, Regional and International Agencies and stakeholders. This build strong capacity building and human resource development for preparedness and effective response. NHEPRN office Conduct hazard-based mapping of all health care facilities including vulnerability assessment, before and after disasters. Develop Disease Surveillance System and prepare protocols & guidelines to address all health-related issues during emergencies.


NHEPRN: Roles & Responsibilities

  • Coordination and Networking with Stakeholders
    • M/o NHSR&C, NDMA, PDMAs/ DDMAs, DoHs
    • International Development Partners (WHO, UNFPA, others)
    • Local NGOs/ CSOs, Private Sector Organizations (Public-Private)


  • Capacity Building & Human Resource Development
    • Health System Resilience (HOPE)
    • Emergency Health Volunteers Workforce
      • Trauma Management & Psycho-social Support


  • Health Emergency Information Management
    • Provincial Health Contingency Plans for Monsoon


  • Health Emergency Services Delivery through Partner Organizations
    • Health Cluster Partners
    • RH Working Group Partners


  • Essential Medicines & Supplies
    • Medicines & Vaccines
    • Aqua Tabs
    • Long-Lasting Insecticide Bed Nets-LLIN
    • Ambulances (80)


  • Disease Outbreaks & Epidemics Monitoring in Emergency Situation
    • Health Advisory/ Alerts from NDMA/ PDMAs/ NIH/ WHO