Director General Message

Message from

Dr. Raja Amjad Mahmood

Director General, NHEPRN


 As being Head of the Department, I take pride in leading NHEPRN with a deliberate and strategic vision to foster high quality health emergency management and improve the institutionalized Health Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery in Pakistan. Our aim is to save lives, reduce suffering and to protect the health of the country’s residents from the effects of man-made and/or naturally occurring events regardless of their economic & social condition, gender, race, language, religion and opinions.  

Emergencies are often unpredictable; they are not bound to borders and never occur at convenient times. But much can be done to prevent and mitigate their effects as well as to strengthen the response capacity of communities at risk. The magnitude of human suffering caused by such events is huge, and many aspects of people’s lives are affected – health, security, housing, access to food and water, and other life commodities, to name just a few.

I look back with satisfaction on our achievements and look forward with anticipation to even more successes in future.



 Dr. Raja Amjad Mahmood