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History & Establishment of NHEPRN

The Ministry of Health has efficiently responded to the past emergencies including the 2005 earthquake, 2007 floods/ cyclone, 2008 Baluchistan earthquake and the ongoing IDP crisis in spite of the absence of a formal emergency preparedness & response institution.

The importance of the Heath emergency preparedness & response (HEPR) was recognized after the 2005 earthquake. During the earthquake a temporary arrangement was made by Ministry of Health (department) in the PIMS hospital where all institutions and government agencies collaborated and a health cluster forum was established. This approach effectively responds to the earthquake 2005.

This approach was later further and with collaboration of World health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health (department) established the National Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Centre in PIMS premises.

 The Health Emergency cell, functioning in Federal Ministry of Health was transformed into a separate organization named, National health Emergency preparedness & Response Network. It was established on 10th March, 2010 by the Government of Pakistan. It is the first step toward institutionalizing the concept of Health emergency preparedness & response in Pakistan.